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Frequently-asked questions

Below you can find the frequently-asked questions. If you do not find an answer to your question, please complete the contact form.

Free sample

How can I receive a free sample?
Although our pictures and taken from the actual products we sell, it could appear different on your screen due to your coloursettings or the type of screen and computer you use. We will be happy to send you a sample so you can see the colour of the envelope and can check whether the contents you want to dispatch fit the size. If you want to receive a sample of a certain envelope/packaging you may submit a request for it via our sample request form.

Place an order

How do I place an order?
At bestbuyenvelopes.uk you can order rapidly, clearly and simply in a few steps: shop, shopping trolley, address details, payment method, check, pay.

1: Shop
  • Select a product.
  • Select the colour and dimensions and enter the required quantity.
  • You can now add your product to the shopping trolley.

2: Shopping cart
  • Check whether your order is correct and complete.
  • You may either continue shopping to add more to your shopping trolley, or you can go straight to the address details.

3: Address details
  • Enter your invoice address and contact details.
  • You may also opt for a different delivery address.

4: Payment method
  • Choose the payment method you prefer.

5. Check
  • Before you pay, you get another chance to see your order so you can check everything. In this way you know everything is 100% correct before you proceed to payment.

6: Pay
  • You are transferred to the payment environment for the payment method selected and you can complete the payment.

After the payment is successfully completed, the order will be released. You will receive an order confirmation/invoice by e-mail. We will then process your order and deliver to you within the confirmed delivery period.
Does Bestbuyenvelopes.uk also sell items individually?
You may order all our coloured envelopes in any required quantity. However, you may only order our business, corrugated cardboard and plastic envelopes in multiples of the packing unit.
I want to order a very large quantity, is that possible?
If you want to order a quantity that is larger than the price ladders on the website, you may of course contact us about this via the contact form.
I have placed an order but want to change something, is this possible?
No, once your order is completed and released, it is packed and dispatched immediately. Before your order is packed it is of course possible to cancel it.

Have you ordered wrongly or do you want to change something? Then please contact us immediately on phone number 0330 8080 137.
The product is currently not in stock.
Despite our very large range, it may happen that an item is sold out.
But you will certainly find a good alternative with us, if you look a little further.


What are the delivery charges?
The delivery charges are £ 0,00 for orders over £ 125.00; below this, £ 8,95 is charged (amounts include VAT). Samples are sent out free of charge, as long as the request is reasonable.
Do the prices include or exclude VAT?
All prices are shown immediately including 20% VAT. The VAT is stated separately next to the calculated amounts and also on the order confirmation/invoice.
Do I get a discount if I order more?
The more you order, the lower your price per item becomes. Because our prices are built up in a price ladder, you receive more discount when you order a quantity in a higher rung. This discount is immediately calculated into the price for you.

Payment method

How can I pay?
You can pay simply and immediately online via PayPal, American Express, Maestro, MasterCard and VISA. For this, you are linked directly to your own internet banking program for an online purchase. So you can easily pay in the familiar payment environment of your own bank. Pay just the way you are already used to.

You may also pay indirectly and offline by bank transfer (prepayment via digital invoice) or pay afterwards by ordering with Klarna (only for private customers). Below you find our payment methods explained:
If you opt for the PayPal payment method, your payment is immediately dealt with online by credit card within your secure personal PayPal environment. Once your payment has been completed successfully within PayPal, you immediately receive an e-mail containing the order confirmation/invoice and your order is released.
Bank transfer (prepayment via digital invoice)
If you opt for the payment method "Bank transfer (prepayment via digital invoice)", you transfer the amount at a later time from your bank to the account of Docdata Payments BV. If you do not have online payment facilities, this payment method is most suitable for you. You will receive two separate e-mails: one from Bestbuyenvelopes.uk with the order confirmation/invoice for your administration and one from Docdata Payments B.V. with the payment instruction. You may print out these e-mails or forward them to your financial administration so the payment can be transferred. The speed of the bank traffic affects the delivery time here. Once your payment has been received successfully, you immediately receive an e-mail to confirm that your order has been released.
Credit card: American Express / Maestro / Mastercard / Visa
If you opt to pay via credit card, your payment is immediately dealt with online within the secure environment of DocData Payments B.V. Once your payment has been completed successfully, you immediately receive an e-mail containing the order confirmation/invoice and your order is released.
Klarna invoice: payment within 14 days (only private customers)
If you opt to pay via a Klarna invoice, you may make your payment after receipt of your order. This payment method is only possible for private customers, with a maximum order value of £ 250,-. After you have passed Klarna's creditworthiness test your order is released immediately. You may take advantage of the 14 day payment period. You will receive two separate e-mails: one from Bestbuyenvelopes.uk with the order confirmation and one from Klarna with the invoice and payment instruction. You can find more information about payment via Klarna on the Klarna website.
Do I receive an invoice for my payment?
You always receive an invoice in which are shown all the details necessary for your administration, including the VAT paid, our Chamber of Commerce number, VAT identification number, IBAN number and BIC code.


What is the delivery period?
  • If your order is released on a working day before 13:00, it will be processed and dispatched on the same day.
  • If your order is released on a working day after 13:00, it will be processed and dispatched on the next working day.
  • Orders that are released on a Saturday/Sunday/bank holiday will be processed and dispatched on the next working day.
  • Order processing and delivery takes place on workingdays (Monday - Friday excluding holidays).

The average delivery period for orders is 2/3 workingdays following dispatch. Deliveries into Northern-Island or Scotland could take a day longer.
What effect do holidays have on the delivery period?
Due to national holidays, different delivery period apply for these dates:
  • Friday 30 March 
  • Monday 2 April 
  • Friday 27 April 
  • Monday 7 May 
  • Thursday 10 May 
  • Friday 11 May 
  • Monday 21 May 
  • Monday 28 May
  • Monday 27 August 
  • Tuesday 25 December 
  • Wednesday 26 December 
If you place an order on one of these dates (or the previous working day after 13:00), it can only be processed and dispatched on the following working day (Mon-Fri). The processing time and delivery period may be extended on that date.
Must I stay home to receive the delivery?
Your order is delivered personally. If no-one is present you will receive a ‘no-one home’ message so you can arrange a new delivery with the shipper, or with which you may collect the order from the nearest post office or depot.
I want to have the articles delivered to someone else, is this possible?
Of course, Bestbuyenvelopes.uk can have your order delivered to a different address: before you proceed to payment you are asked for the delivery address.
Can I also collect my order from you?
Unfortunately it is not possible to collect your order from us yourself.
Is it possible that the order will be delivered incomplete?
If you order different products, it is possible that they will be delivered separately.
Can my order be delivered abroad?
We have webshops in several countries. You may order online straightforwardly for delivery in one of the following countries:
Do you want to have your order delivered to another country?
Then please contact us for the possibilities.
How can I track my package?
Once your order has been processed, you will receive an email with the track and trace link from the carrier. This allows you to track the delivery of your package.

Returns procedure

How do I return orders or products?
Bestbuyenvelopes.uk places the highest priority on customer satisfaction. Unfortunately, it is always possible that you will not be entirely satisfied with the items you have purchased. That is why you have the right to return your order to us within a cooling-off period of 14 days (also known as the withdrawal period). In that case, please observe the following return procedure:

1) Return your package to us in the original packaging (if possible), shipping it to the address below:

Att. Koro Enveloppen, ingang expeditie
Beverwaardseweg 101
3077 GK – Rotterdam
The Netherlands

2) Always be sure to include the completed return form with your package. We have sent the return form, along with a copy of your order confirmation/invoice, to you in an e-mail. Without the completed return form, we will be unable to process your return shipment!

Following receipt of your package and the information listed above, we will create a credit note and refund the amount in question (including shipping costs, when applicable) to you within 14 days of your notice of withdrawal. Restitution of funds will be made via the same payment method you used when placing your order. Did you order on account? In that case, the credit note will be used to off-set the amount owed.

This return procedure applies to all standard products; it does not apply to products created specifically on the customer’s behalf, such as printed and/or addressed envelopes.

Other questions

My question is not here
Our customer service is available by phone during office hours on 0330 8080 137. Outside office hours, you may always ask your question by e-mail. For this, please use the contact form or send an e-mail to info@bestbuyenvelopes.uk.We will answer your question no later than the next working day.
I have a complaint
Despite all our efforts to provide you the best possible service and products, it could be possible that you have a complaint. In case you do have a complaint we kindly request you to inform us by email and explain the nature of your complaint in the best possible way. Our service representatives will contact you as soon as possible to find the best possible solution.

Please email any complaints to: info@bestbuyenvelopes.uk.
Should you prefer contact via telephone, you may offcourse also call us: 0330 8080 137.

After receipt of your complaint you will receive our confirmation. We will reply to your complaint within 14 days after receipt. Should this take more time we will offcourse inform you about this.
When will I receive an answer to my question?
Questions are answered on working days within 24 hours. Questions that are asked on Fridays after 17:00 or at the weekend will be answered on the next working day.
Does Bestbuyenvelopes.uk also deliver to private customers?
Yes. We deliver to both businesses and private customers. So you may order envelopes from us for your business and also for private use.
Will my envelope fit through a letterbox?
Not all envelopes/packaging will fit through a letterbox. Over-large items should be sent as a parcel post; items that are too small cannot be posted at all. So always take into account the requirements for (British) letterbox post.

In case of doubt, do request a free sample so you can test the envelope and the thickness: request a free sample
What does Bestbuyenvelopes.uk do with my information?
Bestbuyenvelopes.uk ensures that your information is treated confidentially and it is not shared with third parties unless this is necessary to deliver your order.
Where can I find the general conditions?
You can find the general conditions at the bottom of the website.
Overview of envelope sizes.
Below you can find the most popular standard sizes and the associated dimensions.
  • B4: 250 x 353 mm
  • B5: 176 x 250 mm
  • B6: 125 x 176 mm
  • C3: 324 x 458 mm
  • C4: 229 x 324 mm
  • C5: 162 x 229 mm
  • C5/6: 114 x 229 mm
  • C6: 114 x 162 mm
  • C6/5: 114 x 224 mm
  • C7: 81 x 113 mm
  • C7/6: 81 x 162 mm
  • EA3: 312 x 441 mm
  • EA3/2: 156 x 441 mm
  • EA4: 220 x 312 mm
  • EA4/2: 115 x 312 mm
  • EA5: 156 x 220 mm
  • EA5/6 110 x 220 mm
  • EA6: 110 x 156 mm
  • EA7: 78 x 110 mm
  • EB4: 262 x 371 mm
  • EB4/2: 131 x 371 mm
  • EB5: 185 x 262 mm
  • EB6: 131 x 185 mm
  • EB7: 92 x 131 mm
  • EB8: 65 x 92 mm
  • E4: 280 x 400 mm
  • EC4: 240 x 340 mm
  • EC4/2: 120 x 340 mm
  • EC5: 170 x 240 mm
  • EC6: 120 x 170 mm
  • EC7: 85 x 120 mm
Via this link you can see the selection available by size: all envelope sizes
  • If you want to dispatch an A4 sheet, brochure or magazine, use a C4 size envelope: 229 x 324 mm.
  • Do you have a brochure that is somewhat thicker? Then use an A4+ or bigger envelope.
  • An A4 that is folded across the width becomes an A5, and fits into a 162 x 229 mm envelope.
  • An A4 folded into three fits in a DL envelope of size 110 x 220 mm.
  • An A5 that is folded across the width becomes an A6, and fits into a 114 x 162 mm envelope.
  • Greeting cards often fit perfectly into a square 170 x 170 or 165 x 165 mm envelope.
Table of weights - Avarage weight in grammes per envelope (paper, non-window)
  Paperquality 75 gm2 80 gm2 90 gm2 100 gm2 110 gm2 120 gm2 140 gm2 160 gm2 200 gm2
C6 114 x 162 mm 3,56 3,82 4,28 4,75 5,23 5,70 6,65    
C6/5 114 x 224 mm 4,77 5,08 5,72 6,35 6,99 7,62 8,89    
C5/6 114 x 229 mm 4,84 5,22 5,81 6,45 7,10 7,74 9,03 10,32 12,90
C5 162 x 229 mm 6,86 7,32 7,88 8,75 9,63 10,50 12,25 14,00 17,50
C4 229 x 324 mm   14,80 16,65 18,50 20,35 22,25 27,75 29,60 37,00
B6 176 x 125 mm   4,60 5,12 5,68 6,25 6,82 7,95    
B5 176 x 250 mm   8,68 9,77 10,85 11,94 12,80 15,19    
B4 250 x 353 mm   17,40 19,58 21,75 23,93 26,10 30,45 34,80 43,50
  220 x 220 mm 9,15 9,80 11,03 12,25 13,48 14,70 17,15    


Did you know that you can also order printing on these envelopes?
Did you know that you can also add adresses on these envelopes?