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Coloured pillow boxes

Coloured pillow boxes
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Through their attractive form, these coloured pillow boxes make a special impression and are available in the following colour versions:
  • Blue pillow boxes
  • Gold pillow boxes
  • Green pillow boxes
  • Red pillow boxes
  • White pillow boxes
  • Silver pillow boxes
  • Black pillow boxes

The coloured pillow boxes are pre-folded and thus very quick to set up. Perfect to use as gift packaging for for example jewellery, watches, sunglasses, perfume bottles or gift vouchers.

Coloured pillow box characteristics:

  • Pillow boxes available individually.
  • Very attractive due to the glossy effect!
  • Easy to open.
  • Sealable with seal strip.
  • 350 gram glossy coloured double cardboard.
  • Dimensions listed are usable internal sizes (length x width x thickness).
  • Pillow boxes are too thick for post box mail.

Coloured pillow boxes also available as:

  • Coloured pillow boxes
  • Blue coloured pillow boxes
  • Gold coloured pillow boxes
  • Green coloured pillow boxes
  • Red coloured pillow boxes
  • White coloured pillow boxes
  • Silver coloured pillow boxes
  • Black coloured pillow boxes
  • Coloured pillow boxes - measurements
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