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Glossy cardboard envelopes

Glossy cardboard envelopes
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A unique line of coloured glossy cardboard envelopes! The coloured cardboard makes these cardboard envelopes so attractive. Very suitable for sending photos, certificates etc.: definitely a striking appearance when received, so especially suitable for sending mailshots.

Glossy cardboard envelope characteristics:

  • May be ordered individually
  • Available in 6 different colours: red, blue, green, black, silver and gold
  • 350 gram coloured double cardboard
  • Peel and seal
  • Most striking and increases response
  • Glossy cardboard envelopes
  • Blue coloured cardboard envelopes
  • Gold coloured cardboard envelopes
  • Green coloured cardboard envelopes
  • Red coloured cardboard envelopes
  • Silver coloured cardboard envelopes
  • Black coloured cardboard envelopes
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