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Transparent plastic envelopes LDPE

Plastic transparent envelopes (illustration with magazine)
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Transparent plastic envelopes made of a translucent plastic film. These transparent plastic envelopes are used to send brochures, catalogues etc. that may be seen. As the contents of the envelope are completely visible, the recipient immediately sees what is inside.

Transparent plastic envelopes LDPE characteristics:

  • Available in multiples of 100 units
  • 40 micron polythene film, except for size 250 x 345 mm where you can also choose for 70 micron
  • Transparent envelopes
  • Convenient closure using an anti-static strip.
  • Untearable
  • Water-repellent
  • 100% recyclable
  • Recloseable adhesive that is even strong enough to withstand mailing
  • Lightweight so save on postal charges
  • Plastic transparent envelopes (illustration with magazine)
Did you know that you can also order printing on these envelopes?
Did you know that you can also add adresses on these envelopes?