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Vibe Wave Collection envelopes

Gmund Vibe Wave Collection
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The deluxe envelopes from the Vibe Wave collection from the German manufacturer Gmund are exclusively available in the UK from Bestbuyenvelopes! 

These mother-of-pearl-coloured envelopes with a rippled texture are available in 4 pastel colours. The rippled texture gives the envelope a light-hearted effect; depending on the incident light, the ripples seem to move.

If you are looking for a unique, coloured envelope with a special effect for your exclusive mailshot, invitation or occasion, this is the right choice for you!

Vibe Wave collection characteristics:

  • May be ordered individually
  • 4 different colours
  • Only in 114 x 162 mm (C6 size)
  • Straight flap with Peel and Seal
  • Special crystal powder effect
  • pH neutral and FSC® certified

Note: the delivery time of your order could extend to approx. three working days.
  • Gmund Vibe Wave Collection
  • Gmund Vibe Wave Collection - Blue: Tender Blue
  • Gmund Vibe Wave Collection - Cream: Soft Powder
  • Gmund Vibe Wave Collection - Green: Refreshing Mint
Did you know that you can also order printing on these envelopes?
Did you know that you can also add adresses on these envelopes?