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Glossy coloured post boxes

Coloured post boxes - Baby blue
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These deluxe glossy coloured post boxes are available in two different colours. The post boxes are suitable for mailshots where a response is essential! A post box may also be employed as gift packaging for special occasions.

Glossy coloured post box characteristics:

  • May be ordered individually
  • 600 gram solid cardboard
  • Favourable post charges due to postbox dimensions
  • Simple to set up due to insertion flaps

Internal size      External size      Weight per envelope
250 x 350 x 28 mm   252 x 354 x 32 mm   approx. 141 gr

Internal size: width x length x height
External size: width x length x thickness

Printing of post boxes: Do you want the post box printed with your own logo or appearance? Then do not hesitate to contact us.
  • Coloured post boxes - Baby blue
  • Coloured post boxes - Baby pink
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