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Christmas gift boxes

Gift boxes, Christmas compilation
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The attractive print and handy shape make these Christmas gift boxes feel especially festive. They make ideal packaging for Christmas sweets, perfume and promotional gifts.

The packaging is available in two different sizes and no less than four different versions. The gift boxes are available in classic versions through to more modern versions.

Special orders
It is also possible to obtain the gift boxes in other sizes or featuring a coating. Please do not hesitate contact us for special orders.

Gift box characteristics:

  • Gift boxes available individually.
  • Festive appearance due to the attractive printing!
  • Quick to set up.
  • Small size: 230 gram cardboard box.
  • Large size: 270 gram cardboard box.
  • Dimensions listed are usable internal sizes (length x width x height).
  • Not suitable for posting.
  • Gift boxes, Christmas compilation
  • Gift boxes, Christmas blue
  • Gift boxes, Christmas angels
  • Gift boxes, Merry Christmas
  • Gift boxes, Christmas white
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